It's time to bring in the big guns.

Our specialists have been building systems using Bitcoin for over 9 years for companies all over the globe. Bitcoin isn't our only focus, we've worked with altcoins since they were originally created and are well versed in the variations and idiosyncrasies of supporting multiple coin types. From Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Tron, Solana, and the rest we have a great deal of experience with competing coin technologies.

Full Stack

LSSIS is a full stack development team, we can design your system from the ground up from your server infrastructure to user-facing UI/UX.


Tired of projects taking 5x as long as needed to get things done? Excellent leadership and communication means a highly efficient and organized team with superior productivity.


Speed is nothing if we aren't also producing secure code. LSSIS always follows best practices in data storage, encryption, anti-XSS/SQL injection protection, and all aspects of your project.

Made with Love

LSSIS puts care and love into each project. We care about your success and are available to assist you at any time after delivery.

About LSSIS Corp.

LSSIS Corp. was founded in 2016 by developers who had been working in cryptocurrencies as early as 2013. By bringing together their different skillsets and synergy they were able to create something greater than their individual parts, producing outstanding results for our clients. Whether building from scratch or updating an existing system or app, we have an expert in that field. From LAMP (Linux, Apache/nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP), C/C++, Node/Java, HTML/CSS, and Solidity (Ethereum contracts), we are here for you.